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For those who wish to learn more, I offer two courses: Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice (Parts I and II) these courses are structured to offer a lecture as well as a chance to debate the subjects taught each week.  Students will hopefully gain a level of understanding with which to go forward and look at a career in the Criminal Justice System by providing a first step towards considering a degree or diploma in Criminology or an associated discipline in the future.

To those students who have studied with me over the last three years, thank you and I have enjoyed teaching you and guiding you with the law and criminology.  Please do stay in touch and feel free to ask any questions about your fledgling careers within the legal and criminal justice profession.

All students are given an attendance certificate (providing you attend!) with details of the modules studied and, for those who complete the coursework, university grading and a letter of reference.  Some universities thus far have accepted these and awarded points towards further studies but this is not guaranteed.


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